Wednesday, March 6, 2013

project life: tennessee aquarium

this spread is from the second and third of february when we took the cub scouts to the tennessee aquarium in chattanooga.  i highly recommend it if you're a local.  the aquarium has two buildings, one salt water and the other fresh and focuses more on the smaller animals, although it does have some bigger ones.  they had a ton of seahorses, all varieties, and so interesting.  the penguins i hear were popular.  g's favorites were the stingrays, sturgeons, and horseshoe crabs as they were in the "petting ponds."  i mean, how cool is it to say you've touched a sturgeon just like the guy off river monsters?  my favorites were the jellyfish tanks.  they had quite a few of those too and i believe i could have watched them all day.  they were so relaxing.  if i was rich and lived in vegas, i'd call the guys from tanked to come install me my very own.

on this page:  mostly pictures here, the backside of the lunchbox card, tickets, old martha steward labels, and some other old stuff from my stash.

on this page: my favorite jellyfish shots, more washi, and an allison kreft for echo park (cut apart) journaling card.  i'm really loving her cards for project life.  the scale of her graphics is just lovely.

this was my first non-12x12 page protector.  i used a 6x12 because i wanted to the entire spread on the flip side to be of the aquarium.  so on the left here are just a couple random things, g finally learning to tie his shoes while i worked a basketball game and my addiction to fish bites.  on the right is a page protector with four 6x6 pockets.  it holds my haiku and collage from january.  on the reverse i'll have any of those type things i do for february.  i'm thinking to stick one of these in every couple months.

on this page:  i knew i had that blue bubbly print in the bottom pocket because i had been saving it for something fishy or beachy.  i had a heck of a time finding it though.  it wasn't in my blues where i thought it should be.  i'd actually put it in my project life tray because the a-side was a sheet of cut apart journaling cards.  the little shine flower in the middle is one of them.  it's a whimsical piece from prima that i bought on a whim at my lss.

here's a close-up of the shoe and fish mcbites cards. i pulled them out of the sleeve for the photograph.  i wanted you to see the eyelets (so old school but perfect for the shoe tying) and mention how i did my journaling on the fish mcbites one.

see i am a lazy girl, especially when it comes to using the computer.  i pulled my journaling straight of my randoms post from last month.  when i found it would fit on the little journaling card, even front and back, i improvised.  i taped the journaling card to the paper over my test copy and ran it back through my printer, then i just cut the journaling from the rest of the test copy, folded it to fit, and taped it to the background card. with washi tape.  you can pull it out and flip it up to read the rest of the story if it's that interesting to you.  the little tab even tells you there's "more," lol.  so easy and stress free.  just how i like it.

on this page:  just random prints from my stash.  i mounted all my instagram pics on white cardstock before attaching them to the background.  i printed out my little haiku on regular copy paper, adhered them, and stitched a border around the whole thing.  i like it.  i thought the look blended well with my collage there.

and the calvinball update:
i finally finished another scrappy!  woot!  and i blogged again (obviously)!  woot!  looking good!

calvinscraps - 9
calvinblogs - 6
calvinbonus - 11

total - 26

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  1. this is lovely. i absolutely love the attention to detail and how you capture real life.