Tuesday, March 26, 2013

get it scrapped!: last puddle

so far, we only miss two things about our old place.  we miss the fresh krispy kreme donuts at our friendly neighborhood gas station and i know we will miss the lake sized puddle that used to form after a good spring rain.  we've already gone on a pilgrimage or two for our beloved donuts and should spring choose to actually grace us with her presence, we might just have to head over to our old stomping ground to splash through that puddle once again.

this layout was created for an article on using the colors found in nature to deepen your scrapbook page stories.  my assignment was green and i had absolutely no trouble with that.  i love to scrapbook with green.  i also love to use vintage products.  there are quite a few on this page, including the sweet pea label, the lawn service letterhead, the tiny white flowers, and the price tag.  all fit nicely into the theme of the page and, serendipitously, one or two of the vintage kits from whence they came are still available at jbs mercantile.


  1. Oh, I just love this layout! Love all the verticle lines and how you used the wooden frame, to focus on your son in the puddle! The vintage items give it such richness. Yay! :) Evie

  2. i did not know that you used vertical lines to focus on g in the puddle. i just learned something. the layout is very lush and lovely.

  3. Oh I love your page Doris. Is that Lawn Mowing letterhead part of the jbs vintage kit? My dh and ds have a lawn mowing business and that would be so neat to use on a page of them when they first got their mowers. I would look, but we just moved and I'm not exactly sure where my kit is at....lol...Gotta love moving and millions of boxes! blah!