Monday, March 4, 2013

jbs mercantile: free spirit

wella wella wella.  when g and i got out of school this afternoon, i knew we had errands to run, but i still had high hopes of getting some calvinball action in this evening, not to mention tackling g's timeline project for bonus points.  i guess i hadn't reckoned on being gone till 8:00 this evening.  the "late" hour paired with the fact that i did the "wake up at 4:00 am and can't get back to sleep so i piddle with my phone till the alarm goes off at 6:00" thing this morning means that i am one tired puppy.  but i am sans "antique" glasses as the ophthalmologist called them, g got three new geronimo stilton books from the library, we ate at our favorite mexican restaurant, and g has new tennies and i even scored a new pair of flip flops.  we didn't make it to kroger, but oh well.  food is overrated, right?  and tomorrow is another day.

i was going to do another project life page tonight and share a couple spreads i finished yesterday, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.  luckily, i do have a new scrapbook page ready to share.  this one isn't even in my gallery yet!  it's mostly the march artisan add-on.  i especially love the two sets of word stickers in that one.

can't wait to see this pretty girl and the rest of the cousins next week!  yay spring break!  four. more. days.

at least i get a point for blogging!

calvinscraps - 8
calvinblogs - 4
calvinbonus - 10

total - 22


  1. you are miss bloggy pants. every time i come over her its one beautiful project after another. are you a real person? i love this layout.

  2. I bet I know who you ate Mexican with. :) Wish I were there!! This is a DE-lightful layout! Love those pinwheels and that title kills me. Rock on!