Saturday, March 2, 2013

calvinball: april 2011 week in the life - DONE!

my week in the life project from last april (not quite a year ago!) is DONE!  woot!  i did two pages back in april and then it was packed away to collect dust.  i got it out last night and finished it off this morning.  36 more pages.  it went together quickly once i got started (i printed the pics last week using that new diptic app  i mentioned earlier) as i was using a jbs mercantile mini-album kit from last designed by shimelle. lots of great papers and stickers which were perfect for this amy tan daybook.

here are just a few of my favorite pages from the book.  it's a fun little look into what my life is like on a regular day to day basis.  coke.  lots of coke.

pretty pictures.  lots of pretty pictures.

chemistry.  no more chemistry, lol, that was an inclusion class i worked with last year.

students and teachers and school.

i may seem vindictive, especially since i posted about this in my randoms last month, but there's entirely not enough of this.  teenagers in faculty parking is

now on to calvinball . . .

i awarded myself 4.5 points (instead of the normal 9) for the finished daybook as the pages were so small and simple.  i also finished the valentine's spread in my project life album for 2 more points.  another point for blogging.  and then a ton of bonus points . . . one for getting the reveal newsletter done before jenni asked for it, one for interrupting my scrapbooking to attend to domestic duties (dirty laundry and dirty dishes), one for eating chocolate while scrapbooking (hello dosidos), one for scrappy shopping (m's today - adhesives were 40% off, scrappy supplies 50% off, and basic grey fact or fiction clearanced for 70% off), one for tackling technology in the name of scrapbooking (finally installed the old printer so i can type and print project life text at home), and one for organizing a scrappy playdate (yay chelle!).

see what you're missing?  getting points for shopping and eating chocolate!  what a fun game!  join us!  you know you want to!

calvinscraps - 6.5
calvinblogs - 2
calvinbonus - 8

total - 16.5 (don't get excited may, i'm not calling it a night yet)

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  1. I'm loving that you got that back out and finished it! I just looked in my photos and saw my 2012 Week in the Life pics and I was like, "pfft....well I guess I won't use those!" Now I want to! This is wonderful. Love the ha!ha! part the best!