Thursday, February 26, 2015

a southern snow day: 2015

well, pepito made it a little farther afield on this day.  he must have sensed it was somehow different from our ice day last week.

indeed, i felt it too.  and heard it.  the sun was already out, bright and happy, and melting the snow away by the time i made it outside with my camera.  i could hear the merry snow melt trickles.  it just felt and sounded like spring.  and a forecast of 65 and rainy by tuesday certainly helped too.  go spring!

can you believe these pansies are still alive?  maybe not thriving, but certainly alive and even blooming.  and we hit zero degrees last week.  pansies are rock stars.

i'm curious to see how my strawberry bed will do.  this is the first year that i've had plant babies coming back from the year before.

 i am especially anxious for the blueberries.

and these little carrots and cabbages have been here since november and are still green.  how crazy is that?  will there be a little carrot down there?

and will the cabbages actually make heads now that the sun is shining on them daily?  time will tell.

teeny sedums!

my first little harbingers of spring!

 grow, babies, grow!

and this is my current pride and joy.  i've managed to keep my cilantro, oregano, and german thyme alive all winter long.  i left it on the deck as much as possible, only bringing it in when temps dipped below the mid-twenties.  plants are incredibly resilient.  

and ironically, it was just last week during our frigid ice week when these babies were nestled under the kitchen window that they finally started to grow again.

just look at all that sweet, spindly, baby, spring green!

i think we shall have some more tortilla soup with homegrown cilantro soon!

and now i must deal with the lazy slug infestation on the couch.  there is spring cleaning to do, after all.  :)

joining with mammasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. We've got lots of slugs around at the moment too, the little critters are munching on my crocus flowers!! Everything in your garden is looking great, the plants don't seem bothered by the snow at all...

  2. Ah the shot of the snow on the leaves is especially lovely. Snow is particularly great when it's soon followed by warm weather!
    Grow herbs grow! I left mine out in a raised border all winter here and they are doing ok too - that's more luck than judgement though!!! Good to see sedums poking up - mine are too but this is virgin territory for me as I only planted them for the first time last year from cuttings from my mum.

    Is that your slug beneath the blanket ? I have a couple of those here!

    Thanks for joining in again xx

  3. The teeny sedums are amazing aren't they. That they grow so tall and don't flop over, grow sedums grow!! #hdygg

  4. What gorgeous harbingers of Spring

  5. while listening to the DigiScrap Geek podcast today Debbie Hodge mentioned your photos reflecting design balance - and I found your blog to start browsing. The blog of a southern snow day in 2015 struck me to grab a camera (ok my iPhone) and run out to snap a few photos of landscaping up close with the snow nestled atop and below - here in DFW Texas. Up to that point I just didn't like the photos I was capturing for the two day ice/snow day. Now I feel inspired to scrap the event for my family album. Thank you!

  6. I noticed that my sedums have appeared too. A couple broke away so I have put them in pots to see if they grow and I can plant them elsewhere in the garden. Love pansies, little troopers they are.

  7. Investigating my herb is on my to do list ... always slightly worrying to see what may not have made it over the winter but this year was not very cold so I am hopeful for few losses. Waves from France ... now that you know what I look like!