Sunday, February 15, 2015

the b&w photography project: little red house

i finally went to the cow pasture to take some black and white pics on a semi warm day, but it had been mown and was rather boring.  i ended up stopping at this little red house down the road from mine and got some cool shots.  i think it is interesting that color and black and white photography tell two different stories.  some shots look good both ways like this first one.

some were obviously meant to be black and white like this one.  there actually wasn't even much color left in the in the unedited version.

this is obviously one where my eye was attracted to color and not contrast.

in this one and the one below i deliberately tried to see in black and white.

this was a neat exercise.  what do you think?  color?  or black and white?

joining in with the b&w photography project on podcast.

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  1. I absolutely adore the little red brick house in both colour and black and white. It's the sort of place you could get so many stories from. Kind of welcoming but eerie at the same time. Love your photos :) Popped in from the B & W photo project!