Monday, February 16, 2015

cocoa daisy: using up the journaling cards

well, so far snowmageddon is really just icemageddon and we don't quite know who to blame: snowbird?  elsa?   the local meteorologists?  our friends in kentucky who stole our thundersnow?  but there are still a few hopeful thoughts to ponder:  will it snow tonight?  will we go to school tomorrow?  will we go to school this week?  and there is plenty of coke, california roles, and girl scout cookies in the house.  we're gonna make it.

so instead of sharing snow photos (i'm sure those of you on the east coast are grateful) i have a new layout and project life page to share.  stay warm!  or stay cool!  (depending on where you are :).

design:  you can never go wrong with the grid design.  so easy and so classic.

technique:  i wanted to be sure and use my absolute favorite journaling cards from the february cocoa daisy ditl kit, so i pulled those favorites out, found a set of 3x4 photos that went with them, added a few more cards and patterned paper pieces and there you go.

i also will mention that no matter how often i try, i do not like wood veneer inked.  i tried to color this piece with a metallic pen, but ended up using glitter embossing powder instead.  i always do this.  why don't i just grab the embossing powder first?  just proves once again that laziness is always more work in the end.

photos:  monthly double selfie taken with my iphone.

story:  as i was peering at the iphone camera screen i noticed my son petting my ear.  he did this so much as a baby; it's fun to catch him doing it once in a while now that he's a big kid.

product:  leftover bits from my cocoa daisy february kits.  (the main kit that contains the exclusive floral patterned paper that i've used so much plus the exclusive wood veneer is still available as well as both of those items individually).

i was also able to use up a few more of the journaling cards on an accompanying pocket page.  these little photos of the goldfinch and hummingbird in my wildflower patch last summer are some of my favorites.  i was delighted with how the acrylic pieces highlighted them perfectly without taking away from the photos.

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  1. I really like that soft golden photo-strip along the bottom ... Oh, and those stitched cards - lovely!