Wednesday, February 4, 2015

instagram: #365

i have never ever ever wanted to do a 365/photo-a-day project.  and on the heels of my epic 52 week granny square fail, i really should have just said no.  but.  when i read the dainty squid's "project 365 + why you should do one too!"  i contemplated it, if just for a moment.  then a few days later i picked up a new stampington & company magazine, bella grace, and read an article about a photographer who's photographed her coffee cup every morning for the last three and a half years.  i know.  it sounds crazy, but the photos were really awesome.  after reading her tips for creative #365 photography i was hooked.  hooked for a month, that is.  i took on the photo-a-day challenge for the month of january and happened to walk right into the subject matter, my feet, on day one.  i really only got tired/bored/unmotivated with the project on three different days.  that's not bad out of 31 total.  i probably cheated with make-up days (photographed the day after) about three times as well, but you already knew i'm prone to that sort of thing.  this supercute calendar with all my daily january feet photos (created with the collect app) has me doing the happy dance.  i love it!  and i'm hooked!  at least for another month.  for february, i've decided to play along with alissa fast's "28 days of love" project using fatmumslim's #fmsphotoaday challenge on instagram.  wish me luck!

p.s. i am doris sander on instagram in case you want to see the february photos hot off the press :)

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  1. Love the idea of capturing one thing each day! [I won't ask why you have a fork on your foot whilst painting your nails?!]