Friday, February 13, 2015

class valentines: the grand finale

i'd say g's 5th grade valentines were a success.  i was told i have the midas touch.  :)

these were the two i was deciding between for my keeper.  i picked the rhinoceros beetle.

g's teacher ended up choosing the bee.  i'm glad it went to a good home.

i scored the little jars on half price at hobby lobby for $1 each.

the little bugs were from g's toy box.

can you believe g wouldn't sign the tags because i had written "be my valentine" on them?  silly boy.

i used e6000 to glue the lid to the rim and then the bug on top.

the spray paint is krylon 18 kt. gold plate.

the kisses are hershey's, of course.

if his tag signing phobia is any indication, i'm pretty sure g won't be wanting class valentines next year.

i'm not sure i can give up this valentine tradition though.

i guess i will just have to make them and give them to sweet valentines of my own.  i'm not afraid of little love bugs.


  1. these are truly beautiful- they look like something indiana jones would find! Oh you sweet girl, how i have missed your posts. after a bit of a break i am slowly returning to the land of the living. this little blog of yours makes me happy!

  2. Your valentines are so cool!! Even if the kids don't appreciate them, the moms will realized the work that went in to them!!