Sunday, February 15, 2015

holiday mini: december pages

i did it!  i finally finished the last few collage pages in my holidays mini-album.  december is now in the books and i'm filing them away for another time.  i still need to go back and finish the calendar, quotes, and recipe pages for 3/4 of the months, but for now i'm needing a little break from it.  i'm putting it on the shelf, putting the leftovers from my decemer jbs mercantile kit in my christmas crafting box (along with my 2014 december daily that i've decided to finish in november of 2015 - i figure i'll be much more in the mood for christmas crafting then).  i am almost ready for spring.  almost . . . 

we just have to get through snowmageddon this week.  yes!  the south is finally FINALLY getting some snow.  i hope.  please, snowbird, don't let this be another case of you crying wolf.  you've done that a few too many times in the last few years.  i will keep you posted.  i am hoping to wake up to a winter wonderland photo op.  in any case, teachers don't have to go to work tomorrow.  we got the call right at 3:00 this afternoon.  i call that poetic justice.  teachers shouldn't be scheduled to work on a federal holiday ever.  so there.  ;)


  1. Wonderful pages! I just took my big basket of DD supplies and my album off my desk this week and I'm trying to decide where to store it until I'm inspired again. I love yours!

  2. Now that's a neat idea - leaving things about Christmas until November! I do hope you enjoy your holiday ...