Saturday, February 21, 2015

good blog reads

i drove to kroger on sunday to stock up on necessities such as milk and coke as this is what southerners are wont to do when there is a forecast of inclement weather.  snowbird finally smiled upon us and we received the blessing of an entire week off of school.  i have left my home three times this week.  once on the fully documented sledding trip, once down the road for a restock on milk (in which my car almost didn't start, i had to knock a two inch slab of ice off my windshield and a myriad of icicles from the undercarriage that were holding it immobile, and witnessed two rednecks deicing the dollar general with a mini blowtorch), and then today to our cub scout blue and gold banquet.  i wore my flaming converse again for moral support.  upon my return this afternoon, i took the only shovel i own and for the very first time in my life shoveled snow ice off my deck.  the sun did not shine today, so it was still a good inch and a half thick even with the balmy 40 degree weather.  i cleared a straight and narrow path to my car as i fear it will be a solid sheet of ice come morning and i don't want that to be my excuse not to go to church.  i really need to get there so i can petition the good lord for an early spring as i am mostly finished with the season we are in.

as you can imagine, i have found the time to do some really random things while hibernating this week.  for example, just now i finished going through all my "artful blogging" magazines (both the new ones and the ones i couldn't remember if i'd finished or not).  here's my list of favorites.  hope they warm your heart if not your toes.  :) - they packed up and took their family traveling around the world - interesting culinary combinations and a talent for food photography - celebrating alberta, canada, and beyond - edgy food and a little new orleans glamour - crocheting and photographing her children in the scottish highlands - an artist whose work i like quite a lot - cross stitching and pretty vignettes - photos of maine and thoughtful, creative writing - two extremely adorable girlies in England - another fabulous foodie with some naturescapes

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  1. Totally late to this party but thank you so much for including me on your list! Off to enjoy some of these other great read now too!