Monday, February 2, 2015

menu plan: supercup III

chelle and i enjoyed our 3rd annual "supercup" party last night, a term coined by one of her boys at our first such event when he couldn't think of the correct word to use.  this year i made delightfully tacky supercups for chelle and i to sip our adult beverages (aka coke) from.  i provided my usual, sausage/cream cheese/rotel dip and strawberry shortcake.  chelle brought pizza rolls for the boys and veggies for the appearance of healthy.  we both cooked chicken soup.  i have leftovers for days.  maybe i won't even cook the rest of this week.  and, hey, how 'bout that superbrawl?

this week's menu plan:
sunday - supercup party
monday - leftovers
tuesday - panda express at opry mills mall
wednesday - church
thursday - more leftovers?
friday - beef soft tacos
saturday - open

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