Friday, May 22, 2015

cocoa daisy: may planner pages

i'm a little late posting my planner pages this month, but i think that's a good thing as i've had so many planner breakthroughs in the last week or so.  i'm starting to really get this thing figured out.

i'm getting addicted to the add-on kit, so i was stoked when christine announced a subscription for that one.  i mean, it was totally stressful wondering if there were going to be any left of the june kit with kp's post it notes in them.  i am proud to report that mine arrived earlier this week.  whew!

i finally switched out my beloved february charm.  may's nerd planner bunny was just too cute and totally won me over.  his name is simon.  isn't he adorable?

now here are a couple of new discoveries.  i used to just cover up this simple calendar, because i didn't really think i had a use for it.  well, i had a "duh" moment.  i've started using it to track my miles each week.  every week i try to get in 26 miles (a marathon!), and this is the perfect place to write down my mileage each day.  then i give myself a star on the week number if i hit my goal.  such motivation!

i have also realized that the place where i stick all my sticky notes is called a "dashboard."  see!  i'm learning.  :)

still loving the free downloadable calendar each month.

here's another new thing.  i've finally started decorating full throttle.  yep.  on the left is random ephemera from the month that i've been sticking in there.  i used to let this stuff pile up on my desk, thinking i'd put it in my project life album.  great idea, but i never remembered.  instead, it would mostly pile up and then get thrown away.  i like this much better.

on the right is where i've been putting my important events for the week as a reminder to myself and then decorating it a little with stamps.  i had the revelation this month that it would also be a fun place to write little notes about my day.  i think with this new plan, however, i need to start writing my weekly events in a fun ink color, so they'll stand out from my journaling. 

i am not at all happy with my stamping on this page though.  i'm a horrible stamper to begin with and then i used grey ink which wasn't dark enough.  i went back and tried to stamp a couple again with black, but that just made them look fuzzy.  now i've decided it would look cute to restamp the tag and bunny on white paper and then cut them out and glue them in.  i think i'll even color the bunny then a la sam ho.

then this is pretty much the most fun i've had in a while.  i just randomly started playing with florence antonette's #creativemidorichallenge and had a blast.  i've looked at a few list making/journaling type challenges before, but i really am loving this one.  it's the perfect mix of thoughtful with fun and fluffy.  i just get bogged down mentally when they're all requiring me to think.  it's too much work after working all day, lol.  these two pages hold prompts 1-9.  i did 10-18 yesterday and have started another set today.  i'll share those soon!

here's a closer look at the "p is for . . . " prompt.  i found wordfetti that started with p and then was inspired to do a little extra journaling that i tucked in the glassine envelope for privacy (p is for privacy!  ha!).

here's another week at a glance page that i have started.  i am totally loving the bee stamp set from cocoa daisy this month (i also used it on a set of cards).

and i finally used up all my washi and needed to replenish in summer colors.  having this page to pull from has come in handy so often.

how about you?  are you a planner girl (yet)?  :)

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  1. I'm very tempted! That planner bunny is just the cutest thing