Wednesday, May 6, 2015

wchs: the first of may

another hummingbird moth sighting!  my second this year!  fourth all time!  and i haven't even been looking for them yet.  sorry for the excessive excitement, but they're such magical creatures to me.  this was the only photo i was able to snap of this one before it got away from me.  i was thankful it was a good one.  and now i need to plan a visit to cedars of lebanon to see if the bee balm is blooming yet.  they like bee balm.

and this gorgeous creature.  isn't she so artistic posing there amongst the jagged edged leaves?

there is definitely something to be said for "april showers bring may flowers."  at least in these parts.  gladeville is bursting with blooms right now.

my boy.  i was about to yell at him to get out of my shot and then realized there was something poetic about him walking slowly out of my frame in his own time.

and then i busted out the macro lens for a while . . .

these exotic blossoms are now on the tiny succulents we found earlier this spring.

hello?  hello?  anybody home?

oh!  hello!  there you are!

off to the next flower!  :)

joining in with annie from "how does your garden grow?"


  1. Your photos are amazing. I wish I had a macro lens. Someday, hopefully :-)
    I have never heard of a hummingbird moth. What a beautiful creature. #hdygg

  2. So much sunshine in these wonderful photos. I'm glad you kept your boy in the shot, it's lovely.

  3. i spent a week in my mums garden with her exclaiming, 'now, did you get it?' as i tried and failed to take a photo of the humming moth that frequents her garden

  4. Gorgeous. You capture light so nicely!

  5. So many gorgeous photos. I love the flowers on those succulents.

  6. I like that many showers expression. We had a really dry April here, hardly any showers but despite that there seem to be lots of flowers dotted around. Lovely bee photos :)