Thursday, March 26, 2015

wchs: dinosaur wars

so as i was photographing the teeny tiny succulents on the first day of spring, i had this idea to bring some of g's old toys over for another little photo shoot to show you the scale of these sweet little plants.  i was glad i hadn't gotten around to taking the goodwill for drop off as i dug down to the bottom of the bag to rescue these cutie dinos.

i told g that i needed him to come help me set up the dinosaur wars.  he told me dinosaurs didn't have wars, it was just a predator/prey relationship.  ha!  he quickly agreed to help me though as he's just an all around great kid who loves his mom and is very tolerant of her quirks, especially those involving the camera.

these poor plant eaters have no chance!

g's bff spent the night, so got to come on our excursion as well.  he's known me since he was four months old and is also tolerant of my camera fetish.

they were very impressed with the idea of dinos making their last stands on cliffs.

i'm sure you can tell the boys didn't set this one up.  i simply couldn't resist!  isn't he awesome to bring her a flower like that? ;)

the duckbill managed to get away . . .

so this guy had to look for fresh meat in the valley below . . .

herd spotted!

the boys also found some living creatures while we were out there.  g thought j had killed this one; it was so still in his hand.  turns out it was just playing dead; it sure zipped off fast enough when he put it down.

g spotted this patch of itty bitty blue flowers for me.

he knows what i like.

the bees liked them too.

the boys got their shoes wet.

i just got mine dirty.

these little flowers were the most gorgeous shade of yellow green. 

i wanted to bring this clump of clover home with me; i'm hoping my wild patch from last year comes back.

joining with annie and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. love the yellow green of those flowers - reminds me of forsythia which is just coming into flower here in the UK

  2. Such a fun way to show perspective, it's not always east from photos to see just how tiny and delicate some flowers are.
    Love those little blues, Speedwells I think.

  3. Haha, that looks like fun! And it really helps to show the scale of those tiny succulents. I like the daintiness of those little blue flowers.

  4. Great fun! Those little blue flowers are so delicate! Lovely :)

  5. This reminds me of Dinovember and all their antics. I'm also in some beachcombing groups and they do some funny scenes with the toys they find on the beach. Look like blue veronica flowers.

  6. *rawr*
    One approves of the dino action! Such fun - I love the 'her spotted' one especially, so cool. These photos remind me of Ozzys 4th birthday cake when my cake skills were lacking so I buttercream iced the whole thing in fluro-green icing and covered it in dino toy!!!

    Love this post Doris - so happy. Thank you for joining in again xxx

  7. What a fun way to show the scale - plus my kids would love to be involved in doing the same.

  8. oh my goodness, I LOVE your Dino Wars photos!! I like taking pictures like this too, and the toys are actually a good way to show the scale, aren't they?? (plus, they're just fun!) I may have to go to a local Goodwill and see what I can find here...)

  9. ha ha - loving the dinosaurs especially the one holding the flower! fun post :) #hdygg