Friday, March 6, 2015

cocoa daisy: march daily planner pages

i finally have my planner all prettied for march.  this is my second month with the ribbon tabs and i just love them to bits.  #1 if you could see/have seen my ribbon stash you would know/know why i need to use it on a daily basis.  #2 ribbon makes me way happy even if i'm just looking at it and not using it on a daily basis.  #3 the ribbon tabs are way functional. i can easily find my weeks now.  i just adhere the folded bits of ribbon over, adhere them with a tape runner, and then staple them in place.  #4 ribbon tabs are so, so cute.

here is the march cover for my $6.49 staples mini binder that holds my planner pages.  the super cute girlie and green journaling cards are from the march ditl kit (sold out).  the rest is from the march "hello again" kit.  the shamrock strip may look familiar as it was just leftover from my cardmaking spree.

i don't think you've seen my new plastic front page.  i made it in february, but after i shared my february planner.  it's just a piece of the really old ki memories vinyl paper cut to size.  love the way the monthly tab page peeks through.  i also still loved my february charm and kept it on.  since the washi with this month's kit was a little thinner than usual, i was able to just add it to the charm chain for the month.

every month i print out an extra calender from to write in my blog post ideas and jenni work.  this month is a good one for me (spring break, my birthday, my sisters' birthdays, st. patrick's day, the spring equinox) so i decided to decorate the calendar with the sticker sheet from the kit (seen in the left hand pocket in the previous image).  i also had a little free time to use my freckled fawn stamps to spruce up my week at a glance page.  it's a happy place, for sure.

the march (and i think april too) planners are already sold out.  sad face.  christine has upped the numbers, but they are becoming tremendously popular (because they're so darn cute and so darn functional - a winning combination).  the best way to get one right now is to sign up for a subscription (they are available in both A5 and personal planner size)!

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