Wednesday, March 18, 2015

happy (belated) st. patrick's day!

i meant to post this yesterday afternoon, but i was just so darn sleepy.  it's hard to get back in a work routine after a week off.  i know, poor me, lol.  in a mad flurry of calvinball action, i made this drink tags last week and left them attached to sprite bottles in the teachers' lounge at my school.  it was a fun treat.  :)

they were super simple to make.  manilla tag, project life card (these are all from the sunshine edition), some scraps of green patterned paper and my trusty martha stewart hydrangea punch, and a black pen.  in the interest of calvinball and spreading a little more spring cheer, i may just have to make a set for easter, too.  ;)


  1. They're so lovely!

  2. Doris, these are gorgeous! and now I know I need a hydrangea punch. ;)