Monday, March 30, 2015

cocoa daisy: april planner pages

i worked on my april planner pages off and on between housework most of the afternoon on sunday.  i think i am finally finding my groove.  this cover is my favorite yet.  how could it not be with that adorable bunny and sheepie?  the cross hatch and cut out floral are april cocoa daisy exclusives while the other pieces are a cut apart sheet from the patterned paper add on.

the april divider page is also my most favorite ever.  i just love all the positive and motivating quotes that christine finds.  they really match my philosophy on life so well.  i used the yellow dotted overlay, also from the patterned paper addon because it reminded me of those days when it drizzles while the sun is shining.  and isn't the exclusive emoji just perfect?

on the left, i have another great paper pad clipped to the side with a bulldog clip.  i also added a second paper pad in that smiling kraft guy.  he's also clipped on with a bulldog clip.  the bulldog clips hold my pretty paper quite tenaciously.  i just have a few random papers and my april sticker sheet in the pocket there.

i still die over the ribbon tabs.  i mean, look at that vintage embroidered floral.  i get happy looking at my ribbon bits every time i open my planner.

space cadet alert.  now how in the world did i not realize that cocoa daisy offered free calendar downloads each month that perfectly match the kits?  this where i write down important dates, my blog topics, and part time work hours.

this month i went crazy and made a pocket to hold ephemera and receipts.  loving that cocoa daisy exclusive pineapple paper.  too cute.  the pocket is a piece of patterned paper that is adhered to the pineapple paper with washi tape.  then that paper is adhered back to back with the calendar on the other side.  it's sturdy.

the tiny calendar is another piece from that cut apart sheet i used on my cover.  i thought it would be fun and/or motivational to use stickers to record my walking miles each day in april.  fingers crossed that it works.  i've got to get back in the daily exercise groove!

the flip side is another card from the same sheet.  i thought i'd record the highlights from april there.

i use the week at a glance pages to remind myself of my weekly planned activities.  i've started stamping on these to pretty them up and give my stamp collection a much needed work out.  i try to coordinate the stamps with the events, so this week is all about heading to florida.  woot!

i love that the weekly pages have lots of places for making notes.  i think better with pencil and paper.

i also get an extended week at a glance and have started using that as a workspace to write out what i need to do for each blog post and then check them off as they're done.  who doesn't love a place to check things off?  so rewarding!

more cute note space and the front side of the daily pages.

the back side of the daily pages and my washi dashboard decked out in spring colors.  how are your "plans" coming along?  :)


  1. I am so tempted to sign up for this right now...

  2. Love it! Your planner is so happy and fun and those ribbon tabs are something I'm going to have to try out.