Monday, March 9, 2015

me on monday

yesterday was so very lovely.  the weather hit 60 degrees.  i actually ran barefoot through my yard to accost my neighbor (i need him to cut two more branches from a bradford pear - long boring story).  as i realized the cold mud was squishing between my toes, i thought, "aaaaaaaaaaaah spring!" and there and then decided today was the first day of flipflop season.  my tootsies were feeling fruity and chose razz-berry and peach beach (sally henson xtreme wear) for their grand reappearance.

then the gman and i went to the home and garden show at the nashville flea market.  aaaaaaaaah flowers!  and yes! there are pictures (and hopefully they turned out - it was all indoors, but well lit).  i scored the two free pawpaw trees that i was mainly after (they are the primary nesting site for tiger swallowtail butterflies) and they kindly gave me two extra for my friend who also wanted them but couldn't attend.  i also scored a free shumard oak and white swamp oak, both also indigenous to tennessee.  and of course we bought a plant or six - red hot poker, red surprise lilly, and black stockings lilly for me and a wee little mulberry bush for g. 

then there was a very late lunch at the waffle house.  sometimes the waffle house just hits the spot, doesn't it?  not often, mind you, but definitely sometimes.  there were two most delightful teens running the show.  they kept me thoroughly entertained the whole time and i was able to introduce them to darius rucker aka hootie from hootie and the blowfish.  teens are great, aren't they?  and hootie is too, of course.

so, yes, then we picked up g's friend for a sleepover and i entered the lazy zone for the rest of the evening.  public outings really take it all out of me.  they are totally worth it, but us introverts need a bit of recovery time.  ;)

but, yea, back to sunday morning.  a couple minutes after i took the above shot i totally started laughing at myself.  i'm such a faker sometimes with my photography.  my yard is still a brown, muddy mess, but i found this sweet teeny patch of weeds next to the rain gutter to snap my spring tootsies photo.  this is what the scene really looked like.  perspective.  ha!

and now here we are at monday.  spring break monday.  no work monday.  nothing to do till boy scouts at 7:00 tonight monday.  i love you, monday.  what shall i do with you, monday . . .

joining with the delightful sian fair for "me on monday."  :)


  1. Wow to bare feet! How lovely. I had my furry boots on yesterday.

    I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break. I love that last bit: "What shall I do with you Monday" I need to keep that in mind because it sounds so full of possibility

  2. Love your you-on-Monday shots. A bit jealous of flip flops outside.. it is sunny here, but not THAT sunny, yet. :)
    Also love that you call him gman.. because that is what we call our big orange cat. G-man. :)