Sunday, March 29, 2015

quality literature: looking for alaska

i want to say this is a good book.  i'm sure it is a good book.  i got stuck in the middle for a couple weeks (or more), however, which is usually not a good indication of my enjoyment of a book.  honestly, i think i am just way tired of teenage angst reads.  i've read too many lately and i am probably done with that genre for a while.  also, i think perhaps the author was trying a little too hard to be profound and so the trying was quite obvious.  so, yea.  but don't listen to me.  back in the day, the catcher in the rye wasn't my favorite either.

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  1. I loved Fault in our Stars but hated Paper you say about 'Looking', Paper Towns was also written in such a way that it just seemed he was trying too hard to be 'deep'....perhaps the few points he was trying to make would appear deep to the target audience but it just annoyed me....I did genuinely love 'Fault', however (the main male character is just *so* perfect, it's hard not to love the book)....I've been recommended 'Abundance of Katherines' so will give that one a try if it crosses my path...