Tuesday, March 24, 2015

wchs: vernal equinox

i've come to realize that wildflowers are much more transient than i really ever realized.  nature's canvas changes constantly.  with that thought in mind, i decided it would be neat to document one of my favorite wildflower haunts on a monthly or more probably bi-monthly basis.

i've chosen the ridge at my high school for this documentation because it is a unique natural environment and close by with easy access.

i went for the first time this year on the vernal equinox.  that seemed appropriate.  i wasn't finding much of interest, but i persevered as i just knew there was something there somewhere.

and finally, i found it.

isn't this like a sweet little fairy world?

it's scenes like these that give me little glimpses back to my own childhood.

and i wonder if these little succulents would grow in captivity.  or are they just meant to be seasonal?  hmmm . . . hopefully, i'll figure this out through the course of the spring/summer, right?

and then as i was snapping a few more photos as the sun was setting . . .

i had an idea for another little photo shoot, this time involving my son.  :)

to be continued . . .

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