Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cocoa Daisy: Ice Cream is Good Stuff

the march cocoa daisy kits are now available for sale to non subscribers.  the main kit is currently still available and i can tell you that you're going to get a lot of mileage out of it.  I've already done two layouts exclusively from it and as well as a set of eight st. patrick's day cards (that i'll be sharing soon).  it's a great hardworking kit.

photos: i'm still working my way through our north carolina camping pictures from last summer (and daydreaming about going again soon).  there were just so many great photo ops on that trip (hello, gorgeous mountain setting and two cutie pie little nieces).

story: a little pit stop at the local ice cream parlor before heading out trout fishing (at a stocked pond - hilarious!).  the little bit was just three months old, so she didn't get a cone of her own, but got to sample her mom and big sister's cones.

design:  i got five photos on this page by grouping them all together without individual mats, so they give the effect of one large photo.

technique: this layout was light on dimensional embellishments, so i pop dotted all the little circles with our ages (that's me reflected in the store window) to give it a little more pizzazz.

product: cocoa daisy, of course!  :)

and an accompanying project life page.  the top two rows are from the trout farm and the bottom row is uncle greg cleaning the trout and then me cooking them.  if you have never tried trout with just salt, pepper, and orange grilled over an open flame, well, you are deprived. 

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  1. Great pages.. I love the multiple photos squished together as one.. and that you included yourself in the window reflection. :)