Sunday, March 29, 2015

cocoa daisy: april reveal!

cocoa daisy's april reveal was last night!  suffice it to say, the april kits are like a party in a box.  i know opening mine friday afternoon truly seemed like happy hour.  i haven't had much time to work with mine yet.  i got this layout done friday night and another layout + pl combo done on saturday (those can be seen in the designer gallery).  be sure to check back next weekend as i'm sure the gallery will fill up by then.  poor christine has been having a heck of a time getting product in these last couple months with the port strikes on the west coast.  hopefully, it hasn't affected you too much, but as we get our boxes a couple weeks earlier it's been hard to get them to us and created in time.  fingers crossed that the strike is over by next month!

this is one of those layouts that more or less created itself.  i am usually in love with the end product when that happens.  those layouts are just kinda extra expressive, you know?

i did want to tell you that christine was able to get a second run of the april planner pages in both a5 and personal size.  if you missed them, you can run grab a set quick and have them for the first week of april.  i really think they're the cutest things ever and the more i use them the more i figure out how to use them if that makes sense.  like this month i've realized what i can do to make them more like the one aspect that i miss from the composition style planners (that would be the keeping of data once the year is over).  it was kind of a "duh" moment to be honest.  anyway, this is what i'm working on today.  getting my life organized and planner prettied for april.  i'm about to make a copy of this free calendar page (another "duh" moment - how did i not realize these were there?) and a divided page with this free cute file (just as soon as i can kick my kid of my laptop).  hope you're having a productive and/or relaxing sunday!  :)

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  1. Love how you did the journalling on this LO....oh, Sunday mornings....Heaven....why do they only happen once a week?!