Thursday, March 12, 2015

cocoa daisy: love and adore

i finished off my march cocoa daisy kit (still have a LOT of cards to share from it) and moved back to my february cocoa daisy kit.  can you believe i used that exclusive floral AGAIN?  i need to go back and count how many projects i actually used it on.  it is probably my favorite piece of patterned paper to date.

design: this is another of those puzzle pages that i talked about yesterday.  this time i focused on using some of my favorite cards from the ditl kit.  i think i count seven tucked in here and there.  it's also a basic 2x3 grid with the four photos and two prominent journaling cards on display.

photos: these are selfies taken with my iphone 5s.  as i was taking the first couple i noticed the horrible angle of the lamp in the background.  there were lots of outtakes that made me laugh.  the bottom left was the keeper, but i decided to scrap it with three of the outtakes just for fun.  i like whimsy like that sometimes.

technique: if i color wood veneer, i usually end up doing it with embossing powder.  i wasn't really thinking when i made the word "adore" into black.  you could barely see it.  no worries!  i just watercolored a label and adhered it to it so it would pop off the photo.

story: no major story.  just taking our monthly selfies.  these are always among my favorite photos each month.

product: cocoa daisy february!  the main kit (with that amazing exclusive floral pp) is still available.  there are also still a few of the word wood veneers available a la carte.


  1. Another great page with lots of interest - i like your placing of the red (and that little spirally thing round the badge) which pulls my eye round the page.

  2. I love that you take monthly selfies. :)
    I also love that crumpled background!!