Friday, March 13, 2015

cocoa daisy: cardfest

in my quests to use up my march cocoa daisy kits and score more calvinball points, i decided to have a little cardfest.  now usually my cards are slightly ugly so i avoid this endeavor.  these, however, are kinda cute so i may try my luck again with my april kits when they arrive.

this one is my favorite.  not sure what i will use it for, but it's cute.

the one on the left uses the back of the wood veneer packaging.  the one on the right uses lots of cocoa daisy packaging - glassine envelope, daisy sticker, twine, teeny clothespin.  i pretty much love product packaging.

i loved loved loved the camera paper, but don't typically use large pieces of bright graphic designs like this on my layouts.  i'd be more prone to cutting out a few cameras to use.  on cards it totally worked for me.

i think all these camera cards would be great for sending out photos to the fam.

fun 70's vibe with the poloroids.

the one on the left actually did turn out slightly ugly, but i pop dotted it at the last minute and suddenly it was kinda cute.  funny that.

hello?  hello!  telephones!  the background on the right had to be pieced together because i was down to bits.  you can't really tell so much though because i used some of the tissue paper that my kit was packed in to cover it up.  i even got desperate enough to use the purple ditl card.  ha.

aren't these two so cheerful?  they make me happy and i don't even drink coffee.  :)

and my grand totals with my march kits (i got the main, ditl, pp addon, and planner): SIX layouts, FIVE project life pages, a cover to my planner, and TWENTY-THREE cards.  woah, nelly!


  1. I'm not seeing slightly ugly, but super-cute :). That glassine envelope one is my favourite of all.

  2. What a fab collection of cards! 23 is impressive.