Monday, March 30, 2015

me on monday

he attended his first boy scout campout sans mommy last weekend.  i'm sure you all know i was slightly nervous on the inside (okay, and on the outside too).  i think he was too as he complained of a stomachache right before dropoff time on friday.  that was almost enough for us both to bail, but we pulled it together and he went.  i sat in the car watching them help put up the dining fly and then their tent all on their own.  i think this must have been the beginning of me watching him grow up from a distance.

i went back saturday to make sure he had survived the 26 degree night and to see if he looked happy.  of course he was in his element.  and dressed for it too with his shirt buttoned askew yet again and sporting a brand new faux coonskin hat.  they were all graciously welcoming and i could have stayed all day if i hadn't had things to do.  so after a tasty campfire stir fry i went home to take care of papercrafting business.  some of you will be proud to note that i enjoyed my very first ever round of flickr tv show binge watching saturday night.  i also finished my april projects in time for the reveal party at cocoa daisy.  yay!

sunday i brought my baby home and he was all mine once more.  when i asked him if he was going to get a shower, he responded with a "why?  i'm not really dirty."  this after admitting that he'd worn the same shirt and boxers all weekend and had only changed the pants because he spilled hot chocolate on them.  the boy obviously still needs his mother for a while longer yet.

and today we are back in the swing of it.  i'm hoping he gets off the bus at the high school in time for us to sneak out before the teenagers.  i've gotten a mad craving for french fries all of the sudden.  then i have a date with some wildflowers.  i spotted them out the window at the elementary this morning.  a whole sea of white.  they are calling my name . . .

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  1. Oh yes, he will need you a bit longer - and forever for some things :D Watching them grow up is sad and joyful and scary and gratifying all at once!

  2. Aw! He looks like he had a good time. I love the hat! First time I picked my boy up from a camp he was standing shivering without his hat and gloves and with his coat flapping open. I said but where's your warm stuff and he said he forgot it was in his rucksack! (And now he wonders why I email him at college asking if he's warm enough!!)

    Have a great week

  3. Glad he enjoyed himself and you managed some 'you' time x