Saturday, March 7, 2015

cocoa daisy: polar bear plunge

i guess you'll be seeing lots of papercrafting on the blog this month.  gotta score some calvinball points!

story - we went to the natahala outdoor center on the last day of our north carolina visit.  we were there in june, but the water was still COLD.  i dipped my toes in and that was all.  g, however, decided to go all in.  he was SO impressed with how cold the water was and that he was brave enough to go under.  i kept taking his picture each time he came up out of the water.  he was just having the best time.  it made me think i should find a polar bear plunge for him to do in the winter, but that would require me standing out in the cold weather too, so maybe not.  ha!

technique - i love that the cocoa daisy cards are so easily customizable.  the one on the right here was originally black and white.  i added the penned border, watercolored it, then added the enamel dots.

design - this title block was also cut to the 4.25x4.25 size to further strengthen the cohesiveness of the layout.  I spaced the title out along the blue stripes and added my journaling to the white ones.  actually, the stripes were a cream originally, but i thought the layout needed more white there, so i layered on smooth white cardstock stripes for my journaling.

photos - these were originally printed at 3x4 (two up on a page with my epson picturemate 4x6 printer).  when i was deciding how to fit all six photos on the page, i decided to trip these four to 2x2 and mat them together on a 4.25x4.25 white paper.  i then cut the two larger prints down to 4x4 and matted them on the same size paper.  that way the photos had a nice consistency that really helped make a cohesive design.

product - cocoa daisy march kits!  "hello AGAIN!"

and here is the accompanying project life page.  these photos are all from the same outing as the "polar bear plunge."  i'm getting lots of mileage from the cloud washi tape from the cocoa daisy march main kit.

really, i'm loving scrapbooking more than ever these days.  :)

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