Thursday, March 5, 2015

spring break 2015: a winter snowstorm

we got to start our spring break early due to a winter snowstorm.  the irony of this is not lost on me.  the sun played peekaboo with the clouds for an hour late this afternoon.  just long enough for me to get these photos.  and even then i would have to find my photo op, wait patiently for the sun to come out, then snap it quickly before the sun was gone again.  so, yes, nothing melted and we're quite probably dipping into single digits tonight.  i live in the southern u.s. in case you were wondering.  but so the saying goes, if you don't like the weather in tennessee, wait five minutes . . . we're zipping right up to the mid-60's next week.  i might even get to wear flipflops for spring break without resorting to driving to florida to do it.  no doubt i will have to photograph and blog that grand release.  my feet have been confined since late october.

making tracks

a rose by any other name

shadow dancing

snow cones

charlie brown tree

raspberry ice

hide and seek

i miss my flipflops


blackberry ice

another serving

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  1. Brrr! It must take a little getting used to such swings in temperature - I think I could cope with a sudden need for flip-flops though!

  2. Your garden looks like it should be in the UK for once!

  3. Gorgeous photos, especially the cat one :) I do love a bit of snow!

  4. Hey Doris! I know this is really short notice, but how would you like to go to the beach!!! We have a place in Panama City that is not rented this week. It's only one bedroom but there is a set of bunkbeds in the hall. It's really nice and overlooks the ocean. Maybe you have a friend that would like to go with you. All you would need to pay me is for the cleaning---$100. Here's the listing so you can check it out:

  5. Ooo lovely snow (easy for me to say I know!) Those little birdy foot prints are super cute - and those icy leaves are just insanely good. I will keep my eyes out for a photo of your flip-flopped feet!

    Thanks for joining in again and apologies for the delay in visiting, I was away at the weekend xx

  6. I love your winter photos. Make me wish I had left the house more and taken photos this year.

  7. Beautiful landscape and cute cat :)