Wednesday, March 11, 2015

cocoa daisy: how to make a puzzle layout

i make layouts like this one from time to time (polar bear plunge is another recent one) and in my mind i call them puzzle layouts because i piece together so many scraps of paper when i'm putting them together.  i thought i'd try to give you a few tips on how i do it in case you're interested in making puzzle layouts of your own.

1. i only ever make these from a kit and then only after i have already made 3 or 4 projects from the kit.  i can put layouts like this together easily if i have lots of fun scraps of paper to work with.  it is way much harder if i am trying to create my own scraps to begin with.  it's just harder to envision.

2. first i figure out where i want my photos and larger elements.  in this case i placed the two photos and hello card on the bottom level, the third photo and two of the journaling cards on the top level, and then the paper bag to provide definition between the two rows.

3. add lots of scrap paper and project life journaling card layers.  this is where i am sure to add in fun pieces that i love but haven't managed to use on my more traditional layouts.  examples would be the polka dot journaling card on the top right, the neon yellow journaling card (made into a tab) on the bottom left, the sketched flowers and swirls (this card already had the middle cut out, but i loved the leftover bits, so tucked them in one on each side of the top photo).  i also added some foundational pieces that i thought were necessary like the pink mat on the top photo, the white patterned paper top left and the wood flooring and sketched florals down the right side.

4. next i added in a few more thin strips of paper layers.  you can see them peeking out of the paper bag on the left and right sides and also the blue snippet on the top right.

5. embellishment time!  i had already worked in the yellow camera on the bottom right photo.  i decided to add two more cameras, one for each photo, to give the idea of papparazzi.  i added two more spots of cloudy washi tape for a visual triangle, added some words for interest, and added the heart and paper circles to balance my colors.

6. here's where i added my title.  and i usually don't wait this long to add in the title.  it was slightly difficult to find a place for it.  once i tucked it in, i added the manilla tag with twine on the right to make a dimensional visual triangle with the twine, title and pop dotted camera.

7. finally i added the "love this" stamp at the top because i love it and it made the perfect finishing touch.  plus the journaling.  let's not forget the journaling.

do you like to make layouts with scrap papers only?  i find it great find and really love the results.  hope you'll try it if you haven't already!

this is yet another one from my march cocoa daisy kits.  since it is mostly patterned paper, it is mostly from the main kit and patterned paper add-on, both of which are still available.


  1. Wow, such a lot going on in the this page! I love all those tucked in bits and hidden tags.

  2. This might be one of my favourite pages of yours, ever! So awesome. I can't believe it is scraps!