Tuesday, March 31, 2015

calvinball: the last day

story: this is the second time i've scrapbooked this event.  the photos and story were just too good.

photos: taken with my canon rebel dslr.  i actually had the boys take a couple of them for me.

technique: i used watercolors on the white cardstock and didn't really like how it turned out.  i should practice more.  i then did circular swirls over it with white(ish) paint and it looked much better.  the cardstock was incredibly warped though, even after staying under a heavy tray all night.  i ended up stitching it down to a second piece of cardstock and it straightened out quite nicely.

i also glittered some clouds i cut out with my silhouette.  i love the chunky sparkly goodness.

design: i had fun with little bits of patterned paper on this one.  all the little bits together reminded me of my grandmother's quilts that the boy are lying on.

and the facing pocket page.  i went ahead and used some of the same papers and labels even though it wasn't the same event.  the pages look pretty side by side.  i also used some silver and gold sparkly things to mimic the sparklies on the facing page.

product:  these were also made with the patterned paper kit that i made for calvinball.  i am so stoked that i used up the last bits of those vintage checks and the martha stewart labels that i've been working through for forever, and the recent(ish) heidi swap glitter sticker purchase.  it feels so good to throw away empty product packaging and know i've used it all.

this is my last day for this round of calvinball.  i'm afraid i've petered out.  life is getting busy, busy, busy!  final totals coming soon . . .

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