Thursday, November 6, 2014

thoughts on work and tree forts

we lost a few limbs off our bradford pears during windstorms this past summer.  (i will spare you my thoughts on genetically engineered bradford pears and our inability to wait patiently for mother nature to grow in her own time. oops. guess i didn't spare you).

i am slightly girly when it comes to my feelings on power tools.  i have a healthy respect (read phobia) for weed whackers and chainsaws and avoid using either one.

chivalry is not dead in my neighborhood.  the dad to our left and the dad to our right had both offered to bring their chainsaws over on the weekend.  that was, of course, very nice of them, but i try to do as much as i can on my own and i was rather enjoying hacking off a limb or two each evening.  there is a great deal of satisfaction in visual accomplishments like this and even in the resulting well earned trophy blisters.

j was visiting us one afternoon when i went out for my daily chop and i told the boys to come on out and help.  you know; they were at that point when they needed something to do. 

they decided we should build a fort under the fallen branches and happily spent a couple hours helping me clear out brush and tidy their humble abode.

j declared it the most fun he ever had.  it makes me wonder how much pleasure and satisfaction we are denying ourselves by doing everything by the fast route.  maybe the urge to "hurry up and finish so we can sit on the couch being entertained by an electronic box" should be denied now and then.

the neighbor across the street came over with chainsaw in hand the next day while i was laboring away and finished up for me in short order.  i did not deny him this kindness as i am not a silly girl.

but really, i think a little manual labor is good for the soul at times.  it's something to think about.

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  1. I definitely think we're forgetting a lot of values that are important. [I love to read your blog, not only for your scrapbook pages but to see how you both thrive, despite being a 'single parent family' - good to see I'm not the only one who relishes a good 'manly' challenge!]

  2. when six trees blew down 2 years ago all i kept thinking was how much fun the boys would have had if they were home! this stuff stays with them forever Doris.

  3. How very true, and how amazing are the imaginative games that can be played with something that has been deemed to be getting in the way?! #HDYGG

  4. I'm not surprised you shy away from chainsaws! What a great den - I love it when children find so much pleasure in the simple things.

  5. Ah this really does make one think doesn't it? It's the simple pleasures in life, the outdoors, natural things that are the most fun and it's lovely to see kids just kicking back and enjoying being outside. I do like a good axe wielding too, I've been chopping logs and kindling this week and I really do love the time outside by myself just chopping the wood, like you say - good for the soul.
    I really enjoyed this post Doris - thank you for sharing and joining in again x

  6. Doris, I was reading this thinking... she's just so *strong*.
    And I sort of love that picture of the boys under the fallen branch fort, with the quilt. I hope you will scrap it someday.

  7. I'm sure they're intentions were entirely chivalrous and nothing to do with a legit reason for playing with power tools :)

  8. we have a bit of log chopping round ours can i hire you ?? i have fort envy that is a really cool place for kids to hang out

  9. I love the simplicity of the fort. I'd leave it there and rest my arms :)

  10. I actually hold a chainsaw licence .... bur haven't used one for years. I have a bad back and using them only make its worse. Given me an axe to chop wood or a billhook to make kindling though and I am happy! Love the fort and you are so right - bring back the simple things, they are the most fun!