Saturday, November 29, 2014

jbs mercantile: changes

if you are one who follows the scrapbooking industry, you may have read the news that jbs mercantile will be discontinuing their monthly papercrafting kit club.  i am very happy for jenni and her decision to pursue her new passions.  this is so very good for her and i'm so glad to live nearby and still get to help her and spend time with her.  she is truly one of the amazing ones. 

the thing i am sad about is to not have regular contact with the team of amazing women i have worked with these last few years.  it has been wonderful to surround myself with not only brilliant talent and inspiration, but such integrity and kindness.  at least i can say thank goodness for facebook and instagram.

december is our last month with the current selection of kits.  i decided to make a little christmas ornament as a momento of my years with the jbs mercantile kit club.  this little guy is very sweet and makes me happy.  he is a fitting reminder of treasured memories.


  1. So sweet. I love the ornament. I will miss every part of it as well. I dont know what ill do without my monthly kit. It is the only one I have ever subscribed to. So sad. Boo hoohoo

  2. I am sorry to hear this Doris, but knowing how exhausting running a kit club was, I am happy for Jenni as I am sure this will free her up to pursue other passions. So glad we are still connected on FB. I miss the girls on the old DT and I know there have been some personnel changes since I left. You are very lucky though to live close to her. I suspect it won't be the last association you will have with Jenni... ! - Ranjini

  3. I was sorry to read this too, but I'll certainly be watching to see where Jenni goes next and wishing her - and all the team- the very best of luck for the future