Sunday, November 9, 2014

menu plan: birthday waffles all year long

we went to the local flea market/farmers' market yesterday.  i think we will be getting our central american food fix this week as we brought home a couple different hispanic cheeses, tortillas, and platanos.  on the way out i spotted a "fresh country style sausage" sign and did a quick stop.  i don't know what possessed me to pay $9 for a roll of homemade sausage, but i think that i am totally ruined for the grocery store variety now.  this stuff was good.  boy.  and g made me waffles this morning with the waffle iron he got for his birthday.  he's also left me the mess to clean up.  he's a giver that way.  anyone else out there put brown sugar on their waffles?  it's a habit i picked up out of nowhere as a child.  i just couldn't stand soggy waffles/pancakes/french toast.  enough ramblings.  on with the menu plan . . . 

this week's menu plan:
sunday - waffles and home made country style sausage
monday - tortilla soup (g's request)
tuesday - tortillas con quesillo, platanos fritos
wednesday - church
thursday - shepherd's pie
friday - open
saturday - leftovers

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