Wednesday, November 26, 2014

good blog reads

well, my little sweet potato has gone with his dad to arkansas to spend thanksgiving with his aunty and cousins there.  he gave the kitties a little extra loving this morning before he left.  we're going to miss him while he's gone and are already eagerly anticipating his return.  in the meantime, what's a girl to do while the boy's away and the cats are napping?  why scrapbook, of course!  christy and i will be hosting an online crop all day friday at get it scrapped!  feel free to join us!  i've also found quite a few new blogs to explore.  i've been collecting them for so long that i've forgotten what all they are.  i will be rediscovering them this week, as well.  enjoy!  and hope you're having a great week!  :)

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