Tuesday, November 18, 2014

jbs mercantile gallery updates: tree fort part one

the photos of the boys building and playing in their tree fort have been begging to be scrapped.  i finally got one set done with my jbs mercantile november kits.  the "do" tag and "work hard" (used on the accompanying project life half page) tags were just beyond perfect.

this page talks about the actual process of building the fort and how much fun that was.  i'm saving the other set of photos of the two boys to do a page about their friendship.  these two have been together since they were three months old.  eleven years now.  how crazy is that?

look at me stamping again!  i might just turn into a stamper yet!

i printed out the journaling from the blog post about these photos, tucked it in the top slot of the project life page, and attached it with a little paper clip.

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