Sunday, November 2, 2014

menu plan: chicken noodle soup

i finally got the freezer cleared out and went to the grocery store!  hooray!  the house smelled delicious all afternoon as the chicken noodle soup bubbled away on the stove and the carnitas bubbled away in the crockpot.  and now i don't have to cook again till thursday! hooray!  did i already say that?  ha!

this week's menu plan:

sunday - honduran chicken noodle soup (this time with fresh cilantro and sweet banana peppers)
monday - crockpot carnitas  and corn on the cob with lime (found a preseasoned flank steak)
tuesday - leftovers (it takes me and g a while to get it all eaten! ;)
wednesday - church
thursday - ham, potatoes of some sort, green beans, sweet potato casserole
friday - open
saturday - mexiven at the flea market.

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