Thursday, November 20, 2014

family birthday bash

i kinda love these requisite cousins-who-came-to-the-birthday-party shots.  i need to one day dig them all out and make a mini-album of them.  so cute.  how can one photo document so much?  this is millie's first year with us, riley was in a ta-da phase, and the boys are getting so tall!

per aunt doris's instructions, lining up according to age for the piñata.  the family parties are usually kept simple.  gallon sized ziplocs and a sharpie worked beautifully for the treat bags.  okay, maybe serviceably would be a better adjective there.

one . . .

two . . .

 three . . .

four!  score for the birthday boy!

i didn't feel too bad that jacob and troy didn't get a chance at bat.  they're in middle school now and can handle not getting a turn much better than the kindergartners can.

i had to photoshop these pictures a lot and they're really horrible still, but they have a certain charm about them.

i forgot the candles.  luckily gma had a few leftovers.  that looks like the number eleven, right?

went simple with the cupcake toppers too.  halloween is really the best time of year for a birthday.

 blowing out the candles right after the off key rendition of the birthday song.

gives a new meaning to cutting the cake.

doubly sweet!!

that moment when you know you've nailed his gift . . .

and then you nail the satisfied smile too . . .

and you just keep snapping away . . .

because the moment is so perfect and you want to remember it forever and always.

friend parties are amazing and fun, but there is just something extra special about family parties.  so hooray for cousins, smashing pumpkins, stores that sell fsu wrapping paper, finding the perfect gift, aunties, uncles, gmas, papas, and fall break in florida each year for this birthday boy's big celebration!


  1. How fun he wanted and got a waffle maker...So how many times have you used it so far?? Makes me want pancakes for supper! And I love the first picture. Little Millie looks like a baby doll in your sons sweet. And the ta-da funny. What a fun party!

  2. Great action shots! And although you might not seem very pleased with the quality, the excitement and pleasure of the moments really shine through.