Wednesday, November 5, 2014

good blog reads

i photographed these butterflies on my friend's spearmint plants back in july.  there must have been thirty butterflies dancing among the blossoms that day.  we were both in awe.  needless to say, i will be getting some startings from her spearmint this spring in hopes of having this butterfly bounty in my own yard come summer.

and here are a few new blog reads i've found recently:  creator of gorgeous and inspiring quilts.  a delightfully upbeat and talented scrapper.  wedding and large event florist  colorful, fun home decor ideas with a focus on the holidays.  she started talking about halloween in august!  a knitter on needle rest.  very interesting and thought provoking words. - this blogger lost 90 pounds the old fashioned way (that works!) over the course of a three year period and has kept it off.  power to the people!

photos taken with my iphone 5s and unedited.

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