Monday, November 3, 2014

me on monday: i am an esl teacher

i am an esl teacher.  i spend my weekdays during the school year with students whose first language is something other than english.  while some of my kids speak very little english, most are verbally proficient but need some extra support in mastering reading and writing.

i have been happily teaching on the high school level for the past six years or so, but this year i'm back to spending my mornings at the elementary school.  you don't even know.  i can put a high school freshman is his place in a split second with my evil eye, but these little bits of pink fluff at the elementary school are walking all over me.  the problem is they make me laugh and they know it. 

for example, luma, my first grader, has the twinkle of mischief fairly sparking from her eyes.  "but" is her favorite word.  every time i get out the fry list, she has to find it there and point it out to me.  i laugh.  what would you do? 

last week when i picked her up from class she said, "hey! let's go to the bathroom!  i have to show you something!"

"i don't know, luma."  i responded.  "i can't get in trouble for you."

"no!"  she said.  "someone wrote a bad word on the wall!"

"oh!"  curiosity piqued,  i followed her through that wide gate and down that broad path and it was true.  someone had indeed scrawled the word "but" in the middle stall.  i acted properly scandalized for luma's benefit.  she was utterly charmed.

and then the devil made me do it, i swear.  i looked that sweet thing right in the eye and said, "luma, you know they didn't spell it right.  that kind of but has two t's."

"get a pen!" she cried.  "let's fix it!"

i have created a monster, albeit an extremely adorable one.

joining in with the delightful sian fair and her "me on monday" meme.  you're welcome to join in, too!  we'd love to hear what you've been up to.  :)


  1. I love this! what a great story

    I shall have to tell the other teacher Doris with the evil eye I Mum! She'll love it too. She used to call her evil eye stare a "shriveller"

    Have a great week

  2. Oh my funny! This made my day!