Sunday, November 30, 2014

menu plan: cravings

i didn't post a menu plan last week as all it would have said was "thanksgiving food."  gabriel was leaving town with his dad early wednesday morning to go visit his aunty and cousins in arkansas.  they always have a lovely honduran thanksgiving dinner there which he enjoys.  he didn't want to miss out on his deviled egg fix, however, so i made a typical southern style  thanksgiving dinner for us on sunday.  we ate on that till he left and then i went to sherri's for thanksgiving and brought home a resupply.  by the weekend i was turkey'd out and resorted to some childhood favorites.  not once, but twice (each) i might add.  it's a good thing my baby is coming home tonight so i can start cooking healthy again.  while buying the above indiscretions from the dollar general, i saw a can of beef stew and got a hankering for the real deal.  g has requested my version of taco salad as apparently his aunty's dogs ate his bag of yesterday and he was much peeved.  i also may need to work in a trip to the chinese buffet after seeing christy eat some at the crop friday.  sounds like the makings of a (menu) plan!

this week's menu plan:

sunday - canned goods from the dollar general
monday - taco salad
tuesday - elementary school teacher christmas party
wednesday - church (subway $2 special?)
thursday - esl teacher christmas party
friday - beef stew
saturday - chinese buffet

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