Monday, November 10, 2014

quality literature: gregor the overlander

awesome.  this book was awesome.  the other four in the series were awesome too.  you should read them.  and get your kids to read them.  notice anything familiar about the cover?  yep.  that's suzanne collins of the hunger games fame.  also awesome.  she wrote these prior to the hunger games and they are geared toward a slightly younger audience.  i have my 5th grader reading them now.  but don't worry.  adults will love them too.  why the enthusiasm?  they have everything i require in an epic adventure series.  fast paced plots with clever unexpected twists, characters who tug at your heartstrings, and a message that we all need to hear.  two thumbs way up.

and this officially puts me back in the game.  i was in a major reading slump this fall and had gotten way behind on my book a week/52 books this year goal.  at the end of october i was stuck at 32 books and was bemoaning that fact with a bookie friend.  she said, "that's 20 books in two months.  perspective.  now i'm down to 15 books in 7.5 weeks.  2.5 of those are vacation weeks for me.  i can do it!  go, me, go!


  1. Thanks for this recommendation, Doris! Adding this to a list for possible Christmas gifts for my 10 year old DD. I always have a hard time finding books for her -- something that her older sister hasn't already read! It's nice for 10 y.o. DD to have books that are her own.

  2. Go Doris Go! I have been in a similar situation & got stuck on a book for 2 months, but I just finished a book in 6 days so I am also back in the swing of things. Thanks for the recommendation, I didn't realise she had written any other books so I will have to check these out.