Monday, November 17, 2014

me on monday

have you ever wondered what it's like to be a teenager growing up in the age of selfies?  me neither. some of them are really good at it though.  they know their best side, best angle, best smile, best lighting, best filter.  i have definitely decided that pictapgo's "powder" is my best filter.  good old black and white to effectively mask the chronic pink tinge to my nose in the winter months.  ha.

i am contemplating letting my hair grow out a bit.  maybe.  i have been contemplating coloring it for a while now. luckily, those greys are invisible in black and white.  i am torn between emulating my big sister who has greyed gracefully and my other big sister who has dyed gracefully.  honestly, i kinda wish i lived near the one who dyes gracefully so she could do the big sister thing and take me to the salon.  growing up is hard to do.  do you feel old?  i don't.  i wonder when that happens.

in other news, the seminoles won again in case you didn't hear.  this game was on a local station so i could catch it.  boy did that make me tense.  i dusted and cleaned the kitchen all through the first half and then power crocheted through the second half.  i just couldn't sit there and watch.  oyve.

g and i purchased a treadmill off craigslist this weekend.  he has already been diligent about using it. i have not. we went to get it on friday night after g's birthday bowling party (pics soon) as one of our friends went with us with her minivan.  i couldn't get it myself as only a hamster treadmill would fit in my corolla.  her boy and my boy and his sleepover buddy all had to go in and give it a test drive before purchase.  i told the nice couple who sold it to us that we don't get out much.

i had big plans for coordinating some cute outfits from my closet this week.  then it got really cold and pseudo snowed and all i wanted to do was be warm.  grey sweater, camo pants, grey converse, wool jacket.  maybe if i go in hiding winter won't find me.  gosh.  wouldn't it be nice to just hibernate?

i got pretty annoyed at school today.  i was helping my 5th grader with a math test and he had not clue how to do long division.  i told his teacher that we couldn't do that part as he didn't know how and that i would find him some worksheets to practice the skill.  she told me that he could just do it on the calculator and i didn't have to bother with the long division.  oh em gee.  what?!  seriously, people.  we must go back to the basics.  it's math, not calculator programming 101.  i realize it's not the teacher's fault, that it's society.  it just kills me though.  then i get them at the high school and they can't figure out factoring and such because THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BASICS.  soapbox.  i've come to the conclusion that i will need to get a basic math workbook for my own child to practice on this summer since now i know that a good grade in math doesn't necessarily mean what i thought it did.  sigh.  at least it will be warm in the summer.

joining in with the delightful sian fair and her "me on monday" meme.  you're welcome to join in, too!  we'd love to hear what you've been up to.  :)


  1. Yes! I do colour my hair, but I've been looking at some gorgeous silvery heads recently and wondering looks pretty chic to me

    My friend from school and I were talking the other day about what we would have been like if we'd had Facebook when we were teenagers. Us with fewer exam results maybe lol

    Have a great week!

  2. My sister is 12 and she is the queen of selfies. It drives me nuts as she will no longer smile for photos, only pout. Ugh! I can't even imagine what it's like to grow up in this digital age, or have to parent a child in this era! As for feeling old, I am the anti grown up and resist it as much as possible. However, everyone around me seems to be buying property, getting married or having babies and that makes me feel old. Also, sometimes it feels like my body is failing me and that scares me for what may lie ahead. Oh, and I have plenty of greys, although they are more white. But I dye my hair to keep them at bay for now.