Monday, March 23, 2015

calviball: the school mini-album

except for a few end of the year things, g's school mini-album is finished!  (thanks to calvinball as i scored 16 points on this baby).  i started this when g was in 2nd grade and only ever got the 2nd grade section started.  i'm so happy to have it (mostly) done since g is in the 5th grade now and will be in middle school this fall (boo hoo).

this isn't a comprehensive collection of his school years; it's more of an overview.  each grade level contains a school photo, a work sample, a piece of memorabilia, and an overview that i wrote on how the year went.  there's a little video at the end of this post in case you want to see more of the pages and the somewhat interactive ones.

i just love seeing all his pictures together through the years.

first day of kindergarten.  my baby!

i was never good at sending out school pics, so in a couple places i just added him in duplicate.  i think it's a cool look.

most years i was too cheap to buy school pictures since i take so many of him all the time anyway.

a minecraft bookmark.  minecraft pretty much took over his life in the fourth grade and he wasn't the only one.  i actually bought a set of school pics this year as he wore his cub scout uniform.

work from the first day of 2nd grade on the left and a photo from the first day of 3rd on the right.

video walk through!