Sunday, May 31, 2015

quality literature: the absolutely true diary of a part--time indian

at first i thought this might be a book i get g, my 5th grader, to read this summer.  it's written with humor, but deals with poverty, bullying, and stereotyping very well.  then i got to chapter four and decided he wasn't quite ready for it (there are several references to a more mature topic brought to you by the letter M).  i do think this is a really great read for an 8th or 9th grade boy (or girl! but it's harder to find books for boys) who doesn't like to read.  it's funny, very relatable, and written with simple sentence structure and short chapters.  the reader stays involved, and doesn't get bogged down in the text.  there are even comics.  honestly, it's very much a slightly more mature take on "diary of a wimpy kit" only written from a native american on a reservation perspective instead of a caucasion in the suburbs perspective.  it teaches compassion and seeing beyond appearances and stereotypes.  it's a good read.  you might like it too if this is your type of genre.  :)


  1. My daughter's 8th grade English class read this book a few years back, and she loved it.

  2. Get G "The Giver." We have a family book club and always do a book for the kids that we adults read too and a separate one for the adults. "The Giver" was a huge hit!!