Monday, May 4, 2015

me on monday

i got to go to the symphony friday!  hooray!  very enjoyable!  i managed to get in bed just before the pumpkining hour, but then woke up to the birds singing at 6:57 saturday morning (it's a sin to kill a mockingbird, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird . . . ).  as you can tell, if i was a cat, lazing about all morning would be the normal way of things.  alas, i am human and had things to DO.

i mostly pretended to be productive till well after lunch.  you can see that nothing at all is getting done here.

i even wasted time taking random selfies for no apparent reason.  what?

finally, i took the man child on a little hike to my favorite wildflower haunt (photos coming soon!) and caught my second wind.  whew!  i spent the rest of the evening playing in my planner.  too fun (and photos coming soon!).

sunday, i am pleased to report, was much more productive.  i made it to church, ate 3 big fat yeast roles at logan's (hey!  this could be a productivity factor!), mowed most of the acre (till i ran out of gas), cooked soup, and walked 2 more miles (topping off my 26 for the week). 

today's been a little on the boring side so far, but i'm about to take the boys to the lake for their first swim of the season.  warm air and sunshine for the win!

waving a sian fair from high in the sky.  :)


  1. Well, I don't sounds like a pretty productive weekend to me. Lots of fresh air and fun! A great way to set yourself up for another week. Have a great one Doris!

  2. Oh, yes, fresh air and fun! Delightful!

  3. You are cute. I love your blue glasses... and also having a wee peek into your scraproom. :)