Tuesday, May 26, 2015

menu plan: true confessions

i think i will not cook this week.  on sunday my kid was camping with friends, so i had popcorn and cheese for dinner.  mmmm.  but then he came home with the pukes, so i didn't really bother cooking on monday.  tonight is his 5th grade graduation.  maybe we will have burgers and mac&cheese.  maybe not.  then on wednesday we will for sure eat out with friends before church.  on thursday we should probably finish the leftover tortilla soup.  and then we have the weekend.  our first glorious weekend of summer vacation.  g has his goodbye to 5th grade party on friday and then on saturday i am thinking we should celebrate summer freedom with a visit to my favorite mexiven food truck at the flea market.  next week i will get back on the cooking wagon for sure.  for reals.  i will have so much free time!  woot!

if you haven't been around when i've shared my popcorn recipe, here it is.  you really should try it.  i don't even like the taste of store bought microwave popcorn anymore.  and do add a bit of extra sharp cheddar on the side.  it's a delicious combination.

in a lunch sized paper bag add 1/4 cup popcorn and 1 tablespoon olive oil.  fold the top down twice and secure with one staple.  pop for 1 minute and 45 seconds (you may need to adjust the time for your microwave).  season as desired. 

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