Sunday, May 17, 2015

hdygg: on its own

well, i have figured out why may is such a blogging slump for me.  it is the first month that is warm enough for me and so i want to be outside all the time.  it is also the last month of school which means i still have to work most of the daylight hours.  i need may off from work, so i can take care of my gardening!  seriously!  i'm so behind on everything.  at least some things know how to take care of themselves.  this is the third quart of strawberries that i've picked off my little 4x4 foot plot, and the only work on my part has been picking them.

so, not much time to blog, but here are a few quick snaps with my iphone of my gardening efforts or lack thereof.  this is a wild blackberry vine that i'm letting grow.  i'm curious to see how they turn out.  blackberries are typically ripe around the fourth of july in these parts.

my blueberries are going gangbusters.  not sure when they'll be done and not sure if i need to net them or not.  so far, i've had good luck without netting the strawberries.  the robins nibble on a couple, but leave the majority for me.  i'm fine with that ratio.

raspberries on the make.  i lost three of the five bushes i planted last year, but the two that survived are putting out runners and doing well.  i think it must have been the three episodes of zero degree temps that got them.  the two that survived were the ones right up against the house, so they had more protection from the elements.

wild privet.  it has made a beautiful bush and i'd like to keep it.  unfortunately, it's growing right over my septic tank, so it must go.

the geraniums i overwintered all made it and are blooming.  i think they desperately need to be repotted, however, as the leaves aren't getting very big or lush.

we are way behind on the vegetable scene.  i bought a few peppers at the high school ffa  plant sale, and we got the corn in today, but that's it.  these need to be potted, and i need to find some tomatoes and such.

the pansies and violas are still smiling at me, but i'm not sure how much longer they'll last now that the days are getting warmer.

the foxgloves came back.

and the pink coneflowers came back.

the morning glories reseeded themselves.

and now i have wild honeysuckle growing on the other side of my deck. my all time favorite flower.

i also got to eat strawberry shortcake three times in the last two days.  life is good.

joining with annie and "how does your garden grow?"

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  1. Such great pictures. You make me anxious to get back to my Minnesota gardens! Of course they're quite a bit behind yours, but when I left last week the lilacs and tulips were in full bloom, the strawberries were starting to bloom, apple trees and cherry tree dropping their blossoms. Unfortunately it will still be a couple of weeks before I can get back up there :P