Friday, May 29, 2015

my 5th grade graduate

my baby "graduated" from 5th grade this week.  i thought i might cry, but i really didn't.  honestly, i was more traumatized when he graduated PK.  i think then i was debating whether to keep him in the school he'd been in since he was 3 months old (teacher's kids go to school with their mommies in my county) or move him to an elementary that was closer to where we lived.  once i decided to keep him in the glade i was so relieved.  now he's been here for 11 years and we're ready to move on.

he had eleven amazing years at this school and so many amazing teachers and staff that i will forever be indebted to.  it was such a relief to know my baby was well taken care of and nurtured while he was away from me each day.

here he is "crossing over" to middle school.  hey!  i know that principal on the other side.  it's really nice to already know a few good peeps at his new middle school.

and he'll be taking his bff of eleven years with him (another teacher's kid).  good friends are also important.

so, yes.  i think we're both ready for this.  honestly, the most traumatic moment for me in this whole affair has been the photos.  i've been growing my hair out all year and have come to realize that the ponytail ages me.  i think there is some irony in that statement.

i came home from work the next day and chopped it off before taking g fishing.  i feel so liberated.

and in a couple more hours i'll be done with this school year.  woot!

and in a couple more months we'll be starting it all over again, one of us in a new school.  i think my little bird is ready to fly a bit farther from the nest.  :)

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