Sunday, May 31, 2015

menu plan

the dinner fairy finally showed up!  woot!  and who knew he looked like my ex?!  pardon me, i'm just a bit slap happy from a late night coke (past 8:00 pm here, dontchaknow).  that and the fact that i don't have to work tomorrow as it's the first monday of summer vacation!  fist pump!  so, yes, g's dad grilled a whole chicken and a whole rack of ribs, and we barely touched it as we were stuffed from a large basket of wings at bww.  we also still have leftover stir fry in the fridge and leftover tortilla soup in the freezer.  oh, and carrier's invited me out for daiquiris at our favorite mexican joint.  looks like i won't have to cook or even grocery shop this week.  g's even taken to baking and decorating his own cookies these days.  life is good.  ;)

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