Tuesday, March 11, 2014

calvinball: weekly update (for 5 points)

well, hello!  calvinball update time!  (cuz you know after i blog, tweet, instagram, facebook, and pin my calvinball standing, i'll be able to add 5 more points to my total).  my current pointage is 71.  not too shabby.  only 23 of those points are actual real scrappy points though.  need to get on that.  debbie hodge is actually giving me a run for second place!  she's at 62 points with her last update!  woah!  she's right on my tail!  and, of course, there's celeste with a strong lead of 186.  i still think i can take her, though. heh.

i piled on the points with this one sunday.  i got one point for the page, itself.  but then i worked the bonus point angle with a new product (jillibean soup kraft tags), new medium (tim holtz distress paint), new technique (paint dabber scalloped border with penciled edging), old product (fabric brad and vintage - as in for real old - milk cap, scrap paper, old tool (pinking shears), msd seminar (blocks and grids), mostly monochromatic (cathy zielske orange), and same day photo (i'm so glad i took this.  i wouldn't have even thought to if i wasn't playing calvinball.  i think it's my fave pic ever of the two of them.  so sweet.  and look at that lighting!).

the flowers are vintage.  they were white, but i misted them with heidi swapp colorshine.  love that stuff.

and i came up with the idea to tidy my barcode strips.  i tend to save them, mostly for the fun words you can find on them.  i like adding little words here and there in my art.  i took the whole wad out of storage, but off the good parts and fit them into an old maya road tin.

how cute is this?  i can't wait to use them now!


  1. Great LO! everything about it works. the mixed patterns, the orange. Love it.

  2. I really love the Cathy Zielske orange LO- it's my favorite kinda orange.

    Also, suck it because I can't keep up with ya'll. All I can do is taunt you some more (http://youtu.be/A8yjNbcKkNY) :P

  3. Love your happy page, and great idea on the strips tin. I might use that - if I don't use them right away, I put them in the front of my scrap bin but I don't think to go back to them for words!